Our TWITCH FLESH 67 D2R is a small longbill minnow designed by Team ILLEX as a versatile lure attracting a range of predators like perch, pike, zander, asp, chub, trout and black bass on all waters ranging from canals and lakes to big rivers. The lip angle allows the lure to dive quickly to 1.2 metres deep. Effective even in tricky conditions like clear or cold water and great for working round sunken trees or weed beds and along quaysides or across beaches. The weight transfer system enables accurate casting, and the lure is easy to fish with having all the classic characteristics of a longbill minnow. Great for stop and go retrieves, twitching, jerking and even bottom tapping. The TWITCH FLESH 67 D2R is a perfect imitation of a small prey fish. When paused on the retrieve the bait will sit suspended in the water column ready to be engulfed by a following predator seduces by its natural movement.