The YAMMYFISH redefines the notion of a classic worm soft jerkbait minnow bait. Compact, dense, salted and flavoured to the core with great attention to detail around the eyes, gills, scales and lateral line. Designed principally for technical bass fishing (linear, weightless, drop shot, jig head, Texas and heavy Texas rigs, wacky rigs, ned rig…). Dense and solid enough to be cast a long way and skipped around structures, snaggy banks and pontoons. This lure has proved its worth as a perch and zander lure teamed with our MAGIC TUNGSTEN NED JIG HEAD. A must-have for shore and boat bass anglers. Available in two sizes, we recommend the 3 model for perch and zander and wrasse on a Ned rig and the 3.8 model for black bass and sea bass fished weightless.
We recommend the following hook sizes:
YAMMYFISH 3: Wide gape Texas finesse #1-1/0.
YAMMYFISH 3.8: Wide gape Texas finesse #2/0-3/0.