The RV DRIFTFRY 3'' is the small version of our DRIFTFRY series developed by Japanese anglers targeting black bass on reservoirs and has proved equally attractive to European perch, zander, estuary sea bass and black bass during testing. The body is very supple and hyper-realistic with detail on the eyes, gills and scales closely imitating small fry. An air canal helps reduce density, so the lure balances perfectly on a jig head. Features a lip that acts like a brake allowing you to carefully work round likely spots. Use a MAGIC TUNGSTEN MICRO ROUND HEAD or MAGIC TUNGSTEN ROUND HEAD to optimise movement from the pin tail and maximise provocative glints and shimmers from the flanks. The lip can be cut back if needed to suit different finesse tactics such as Ned rigs and drop shotting or bottom bouncing for trout The RV DRIFTFRY 3'' is a must-have lure to tempt all species of wary predators!