The WOBBRING 3” is one of the most popular lures amongst Japanese shore anglers and guides thanks to its incredible versatility when finesse fishing for bass. Can be drop shotted, fished on a jig head, as a trailer on a micro jig, split shot or Carolina rig, etc. The WOBBRING features a ribbed body covered in small appendages and a bill-hook tail that is extra thick at the end and moves at the slightest twitch. Less mobile perhaps than a full-scythe tail but displaces more water that attracts all smaller predators - perch, trout and black bass. The rubber is impregnated to the core with a Prawn attractant. Fitted on a MAGIC TUNGSTEN MICRO ROUND head you have a great perch bait that also works well for rock fishing. Great lure to try when predators are focused on smaller invertebrates and hard to tempt on traditional lures.