Our ILLEX FLAT TRICOROLL 55 S (舞) is the fruit of close collaboration between the ILLEX STREAM MASTER team and Koichi Fujimatsu, famous lure designer with Japanese company JACKALL. This project combines Japanese know-how with the requirements of our rivers and is the culmination of three years of field tests. The result is a quick sinking minnow featuring a more compressed body shape that the original. Flattening the body helps cut through the water column so the lure reaches the riverbed faster. The FLAT TRICOROLL starts working immediately with a distinctive rolling action as it drops through the water that continues as you fish downstream or ¾ downstream drifts – following the lure with the rod held high and the line quite slack. Because of the pressure exerted by the current minimal movements are all you need to keep the lure working. The triangular lip shape keeps the lure stable even in fast broken water. Try classic twitching and jerking to provoke takes from wary trout. Perfect on any trout water, the stable body design is particularly suited to more turbulent river sections or deeper slow reaches where simple water pressure and tiny rod movements are enough to set the lure fluttering attractively. It is not surprising that the Japanese have christened the FLAT TRICOROLL as 舞, meaning “dancer!”.