The grand master Seiji Kato has poured his skill as an angler and lure designer into creating the DIGLE - our new series of “made in Japan” crankbaits. Designed for big waters to cast even further and make the lure more responsive. To achieve these dual objectives Kato San has created a new patented lip design- the Winglet Lip. The new lip works in tandem with the internal weights to optimise casting distances. In testing the DIGLE 4 cast 20% further (54m) compared to the MASCLE DEEP 4+ (44m). The incurved lip kicks into action on the slightest touch of the reel handle. It gets down to depth quickly so it stays in the strike zone longer. The DIGLE has a tight rolling action that does not saturate the rod. This new crankbait is a must-have lure for all big waters (reservoirs, big rivers, natural lakes and lochs) targeting all our European predators (perch, zander, black bass, pike and catfish). Available in three sizes with three different diving depths.