The RV MINNOW 110 SP is a jerkbait minnow in the REVOLTAGE series of lures designed for the top-level competitive black bass angling scene in Japan. The silhouette and energetic wobb’n’roll swimming action bring something new to our range of jerkbait minnows. A Medium or Medium heavy spinning or baitcasting rod is perfect for getting the most out of this lure. Fished on straight retrieves mixed up with twitches, jerks and pauses the lure darts and dives aggressively provoking reaction takes from nearby predators. Pike, perch, zander, asp or black bass are all likely targets. The lure will hang suspended during pauses and we recommend that you lengthen these pauses as the water cools down. Equally good for sea bass fishing from the shore or a boat and can be cast a long way helped by a weight transfer system. Also good for targeting big trout and sea trout on larger rivers.