Our iconic BONNIE 95 is now available in a silent version, the BONNIE 95 SILENT. Fans of the BONNIE now have a great alternative when a more discreet lure is required. For example when pressurised fish have grown wary of rattles and noise or flat calm conditions and/or clear water. The BONNIE 95 SILENT is designed to cover large areas of water quickly and locate fish easily. Designed to target a range of species from sea bass, black bass, perch, pike to asp. Despite the absence of beads, the lure is capable of accurate distance casting. This lure comes with the triple eye attachment system (Three Angle Tying Eye) that lets you change swimming action simply by tying your line in a different position. The interior has four separate chambers that balance the bait perfectly resembling a traditional wooden lure. This balance helps your BONNIE 95 SILENT lure sit perfectly on the surface and stay stable even in rough conditions whether on lakes or at sea.