This exceptional swimbait, so popular with pike and black bass anglers for its ultra-realistic swimming action, is making a comeback this year! The GANTIA 180 owes its extreme mobility to its 4-part segmentation and imposing flexible tail. A real magnet, these features give it an irresistible natural swimming action to find all types of predators whatever the configuration (grass beds, rocks, trees, submerged structures...). It supports a very wide range of retrieve speeds, from the slowest to the fastest, allowing a wide range of animations (slow or more or less fast linear, stop & go, dead sticking). You'll be amazed at the lure's ability to swim in the slowest of currents. This lure's great reactivity also means it can be used in very confined spaces. The lure's ability to remain motionless in the water during pauses in the current means that it can be used for long periods of time. Unlike conventional jointed swimbaits, the GANTIA 180 has an innovative design: an open mouth to give a better feel for the swim and a vertically positioned ABS plate that acts like a bow to prevent the build-up plant debris. The lure can be fished just above the bottom like a fish feeding at the desired depth by attaching a double hook to the top eye of the head and adding a removable JOHN WEIGHT under the throat. Six 'RT = Real Type' colours add to the realism of this lure to trick even the most wary predators.