We have distilled our considerable expertise to produce this finesse fishing masterpiece! The PEPPER B 200 FAST BACK is designed specifically for baitcasting fans who like to fish afloat (boat, float tube…). This 2m long, stiff, fast and super responsive blank is perfect for targeting perch, zander and black bass. Designed with power fishing in mind using surface lures: BONNIE 85 and 95, CHATTERBEAST 90 and 110, etc.; Jerkbait Minnow: ARNAUD 100 F, BATTLE MINNOW 80 F & SP, MAGSQUAD 115 F, SQUAD MINNOW 95 SP, SQUIRREL 79, RERANGE 110 SP, etc.; Shallow Crankbaits: CHERRY 10 CC, etc. or with 'wirebaits' spinnerbaits or blade jigs: CRUSHER JR. 10g, CRAZY CRUSHER 10g, etc. During the test phases, it proved to be a formidable lure for linear fishing with soft lures, whether on 'light texas' or typically on lead heads: MAGIC SLIM SHAD 4 and 5, MAGIC FAT SHAD 5, MAGIC CRAW 60 and 80, SCISSOR COMB 3.8'', MAGIC Z SHAD 80, 105 and 135. We recommend a sinker weight of between 3.5 and 10g. The stiff blank lends itself equally well to vertical fishing for zander and perch using jig heads between 10 and 21g. The X5 blank brings unparalleled low weight and balance that will pick up the tiniest knocks and taps from following fish. When fish are hooked, the blank has a parabolic action that reduces the chance of hook pulls and gives great angler feedback during the fight. This PEPPER is built using new X5 high quality blanks incorporating prepreg carbon set at three different angles to reduce weight and increase responsiveness for fantastic feel and ultimate fishing pleasure. Features Fuji TORZITE TITANIUM K rings to eliminate frap-ups, reduce weight, increase responsiveness and prolong line life for this PEPPER. Supplied with a rigid Cordura protective tube and signature rod bag.