The MAGIC CRAW 50 is the smallest version of our famous creature. Developed specifically for “finesse” tactics - ideal for street and rock fishing fans! Great for quickly covering a zone seeking smaller predators (perch, black bass, chub, river and lake trout, barbel) or small marine reef species (small pollock, gobies, sprats, blennies, wrasse..). The shape is ultra-realistic and every detail carefully designed to mimic a young crayfish. The chunky body, replete with shell markings, brings bulk and stability to the lure. Three vibrating appendages add extra attraction when paused or falling through the water. The raised head features two bug eyes and a pair of curly antennae. The claws have been re-worked to produce more vibration and flap at the slightest twitch. The firm yet supple body material is naturally floating so it sits up on the bottom and imitates a crayfish in full defensive mode, a key element to triggering a take. The stomach section is ribbed which aids mobility and traps our NITRO BOOSTER cream. We recommend fishing this new size of craw on light Texas and Carolina rigs, split shot and drop shot setups and Cheburashka rigs using our Finesse Wide Gape Texas no.4 hooks or on a light jig head (Magic tungsten Micro Round Head, Magic Tungsten Round head, Micro Rubber Jig) fished straight or scraped along the bottom. Available in a choice of 8 new colours. Flavoured to the core with our Nitro Booster Squid attractant.