The ELEMENT RIDER S 230 M-H jerking Driver is light, responsive and powerful. At 2m30 the rod is ideally suited to intensive sea fishing tactics where accurate casting is an advantage. The blank has plenty of reserve power to subdue a hooked sea bass quickly. Equally at home boat fishing or casting from the shore. Designed first and foremost as a rod for surface lures (Bonnie, Clyde Mud Sucker, Riser Bait 008, Chatter Beast 90 and 110) and sub surface models (Water Monitor, Stream Ripper 75, 90 and 110), plugs such as jerkbait minnows (Rerange series, Arnaud series, Squad Minnow 95 SP, MagSquad 115 F and 128 SP) and long bill minnows (DD Squirrel 79, Super DD Squirrel 79 SP, DowzVido 90 SP). The action is also perfect for finesse style soft bait tactics using jig heads from 7g to 21g (NITRO SHAD 90 and 120, NITRO SLIM SHAD 110, MAGIC Slim Shad 4 and 5, MAGIC Fat Shad 5, MAGIC Finess Shad 5, Dexter Shad 110) and vibrating blades such as the Runner Blade 90 & 115. Features Fuji K guides to eliminate frap-ups, reduce weight and prolong line life. The VSS reel seat is comfortable to fish with and play fish on. Supplied with a Cordura protective tube and signature rod bag.