The PEPPER 2302 M FINESSE SYMPHONY is a dedicated two piece rod designed for bass fishing with finesse tactics from the shore or a boat. Perfect for soft baits either weightless or darting style, for example. The action is ideal for smaller surface lures (Riser Bait 007R, Water Moccassin 75, ChatterBeast 70, etc), lipless minnows such as the Stream Ripper 75 or90 or the Water Moccasin, plugs like Squad Minnow 65 SP or Tricoroll Ryushin 70 SHW and spoons from 7 to 14g (Tricoroll Spoon, Native Spoon). The rod lends itself to zander, asp and trout tactics on freshwater. At 2m30 long you can cast light lures a good distance and control the line from the moment it hits the water. Built on our new X5 high quality blanks incorporating pre-preg carbon set at three different angles to reduce weight and increase responsiveness without sacrificing power. Features Fuji Torzite Titanium K guides to eliminate frap-ups, reduce weight and prolong line life. The VSS reel seat is comfortable to fish with and play fish on. Supplied with a Cordura protective tube and signature rod bag.