After the success of our magic mayfly lure we have introduced a new smaller 2” version. All the great Magic may Fly features are here but the small version for ultra-wary fish. It has the silhouette of a May fly larvae whilst the appendices give it great mobility and attractiveness in the water. Finally fished on a micro head it looks like a small beetle larvae or caterpillar –great bounced along the flow seeking out fish feeding on small insects on the riverbed. Lends itself to any light rig style- weightless, drop shot, split shot, micro jig or light Texas… The perfect bait for targeting fish that feed on small insects and bugs like trout, perch, barbel, chub and black bass. The bait can be fished in several formats thanks to a thin section that can be broken in two leaving one side as a grub- like a beetle larva – that can be fitted to a small jig head and worked along the bottom and the other side looking like a floating insect to tempt rising fish. a must-have lure for all anglers from beginners to the most experienced!