Developed for fans of bait-casting reels the BLUE SHADOW B 190 MH II VERTICAL has all the same characteristics as the spinning version. The responsive blank is perfect for transmitting information about the nature of any swim. The soft and supple tip action has been designed to absorb lure vibration and limit hook pulls when bites are either very aggressive or timid. The rod handles lures from 7-21g linear and up to 35g fished vertically. The blank is powerful enough to strike firmly and control any big fish quickly. The rod is perfectly balanced and light so you can fish for hours without getting tired. Built using the latest Japanese Fuji components including Fuji Micro Alconite CC rings mounted in a spiral so the line can’t touch the blank coupled with a skeleton reel seat that is light, ergonomic and keeps you in direct contact with the rod. Supplied in a signature rod bag.